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So they replace the originals directly with no modifications -- but they have an extra "city light" built in that you have to figure out how to wire. I'd start by giving the seller a "FAIL" for English language skills.


And you get TWO for $12.99? Gotta be junk. Go to Advance Auto and buy a pair of Silverstars.

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I bought the very same lights thinking "wow, upgrade for cheap".


These are worth every penny of $12.99.


They're bright alright, but they just puked light everywhere, no reliable "beam". They sucked. I put the silverstars back in the next day

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i ad them in my 89 XJ and they worked great i picked up a pair of phillips bulbs to go with them. i have no complaints about them but the chrome ring that holds them i had to split the weld on it to make it fit over them other then that there 100% brighter then stock sealed beams.

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I bought a set of EBay cheapies a couple years ago. The stock bulbs SUK!! But a quality replacement set along with a wiring upgrade and they work VERY well. the lighting pattern is very different and the lo-beam is much more of a flood of light than a beam that we are used to. But with the better bulbs and the full 12-13V getting to them they produce great light with a distinct break from oncoming drivers. No wasted light up high and with HI-beams a good beam reaching out pretty far. I also hooked up the blue city lights and thought they looked good, but have since burned out. I would like to try the IPF phatboys, but at near 100$ its a bit much for a couple bulbs... I don't remember whats in there now.


Here is a couple pics of them when first installed:



Here is what I bought:






Overall I like them. I have had Silver stars and they are great too so are Hella bulbs. The biggest upgrade to my lighting was the wiring loom upgrade by far!!



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