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School me on Hydraulic steering.

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I have searched alittle on here, but always end up overwhelmed. What is the best setup to get extra steering power? I was stuck in some slushy deep snow the other day, and to add to the frustration of being stuck, I couldn't even turn the wheel :fs1: . Is there any entry level or moderately priced options out there? :help:

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You can change the bore of the TC style pumps by drilling to get more flow though the box. You can get close to 4gal a min by doing this to a stock pump, but if you pump is going out it could just make it die that much faster. It is fine to do to new or pumps in new shape. Just do it a little at a time or it will get squarely at hi-way speeds. Inside were the hose screws in there is a fitting you remove, under that a neckdown is in there, pull it out and dill it one size bigger. Makes a huge chance so don't go to big to fast. Also helps to pick up a small tranny cooler and plum this into the return side of the pump. Not only more volume but keeps it cooler and from burning up. Ran a good PSF never ATF. again never ATF, it is not the same. I like Royal Purple, but I'm running hydro asst so any good one will do.

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The pumps our Jeeps use, YJ,XJ,MJ,TJ and a few others use what is called a TC pump. As the motor turns and rotates the pulleys,it spins the pump. Inside the fritting is a metering valve or restricting valve that restricts the pumps full output at any given speed. Some of these use tiny stacks of shims, a ball and spring to make the GPM variable depending on engine RPM. Different makes use different restrictions and pulley sizes. Which you could also change the size of the pulley for more power. By enlarging this orifice all you are doing is using more of the pumps capability. Doesn't hurt it at all unless its a weak or warn pump to start with. If you make it too large you will have over responsive steering at high speeds.


My forums gallery crashed a few months back so I lost all my photos to show you.


Hydro Asst, needs more GPM flow to move the ram at the same rate as the mechanical box. If not you have all the power in the world, but have to turn very slow since to are fighting the ram. I have an AGR rock ram on my MJ with 33x12.50 tires with Stauns. Overkill and not worth the money if you are not wheeling hard with big tires. Now my YJ with 40x14.5 the rock ram is needed to turn at a dead stop.

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