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so we were both a bit nervous

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so we were both a bit nervous and running roughly.


in one corner was my manche' who in all her 58K miles and 24 years hadnt recieved a tuneup. at all.


in the other was me, a tune-up apprentice. i may have changed a water pump but never even knew what a distributor was. yee-haw


after an exciting bout, spark plugs, wires, distributor, rotor, pcv valve, couple vacuum lines, air fliter, a carburator scrubbin' and a full detailing under the hood and through the undercarrage, (my transfer case is blingin') she is running so smooth.


this morning, she started up without having to rev and rev and rev to get her to hold idle, and the drive was smooth as glass.


all thanks to this website! you guys rock!

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No its had a few owners, but looking back at the paperwork that came with it they were named "ethel" and "Martha" so it seems to follow the old lady owned it story i got from the guy selling it for his neighbor who i met and was also an old lady haha.


i figure it never had a tune up looking at the parts, and the amc or ac that are stamped on them, and the condition of everything once pulling it up. the wires were toast, the plugs were ancient looking, the pcv valve spring was broken and rusty inside, the there were a few vaccuum lines that were rotted to the point of being severed. otherwise it is a super clean car and drives like one now


check out the thread titled "I just made myself jealous of myself"



i wonder how many other 86's are out there with the 229 selec-trac like mine has.


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