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She doesn't like cheap drinks ....

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We also run it in all our other XJ's w/o issue (92, 2 97's, 2 98's) that aren't renix without a problem either.


I could have also got the bottom of the tank crap and clogged up my filter or something .


That 87 does make a difference though .


Probably have to run two or three tanks through to the full benefit .

Its still running a little rough because of the cleaners and stuff its probably blowing out .


Would use the Lucas products again for sure .

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:typing: sound like a bad case of gas. Did you ask the place if they had any other customer complain about problems.


I got a tank of gas one time that came with a gallon of water. Lucky for me I was just able to pull the fuel line off at the carb and let the 1972 vw bug pump its self clean.


the Nambour was not so lucky and had to sue to get her car fixed. :wall: they settled out of court when the news media got wind of it and found a bunch of people had the same problem all over town

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I did , and of course , no one else has complained .


Before I b*@$£ anymore I wanted to make sure it was actually the gas and not the truck .


Probably take a couple of days to figure it out .


Runs allot better now though .

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One other point. The computer. It doesn't adjust from one set of conditions to another instantaneously in some circumstances, and sometimes needs to be recycled several times to adjust.

Once when I was living in (Unnamed to protect the guilty), NM a local grocery store with gas pumps got a load of diesel mixed in with the reg gas. The owner denied everything. It was several weeks before various owners got to comparing notes and realized that in fact it was the stations fault. Faced with a lawsuit the supplier who had in fact filled the tank with diesel and dealer came up with a settlement.

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Yeah , I'm thinking that it will take at least two tanks of good fuel and about 10-15 restarts to do this properly .

What is it like 30 restarts resets the computer , now I can't remember . :shake:

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