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Doing a ford 8.8 swap

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My current mj has the dana turdy five and its been on its way out ever since i bought it. well i found a deal for a ford 8.8 complete drum to drum for 75 bucks so i figured i might jump on that. I'm just wondering what kind of snags I'm liable to run into besides the usual fabrication



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I'm thinking that you know that anything that didnt come from an MJ will not bolt right up, but I just want to make sure. Anything that doesnt come from another MJ donor will need perches welded on in the correct locations. And getting lucky enough to find exactly what you need already pulled is going to be next to impossible. Look at car-part.com to see what yards near you have what you need and they could pull it for you if youre unable or unwilling to roll around in the snow to get it. Youll pay more that way but youll find exactly what you want. Good luck and let us know what you get!

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