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99 XJ fuel tank to a 93 harness

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I have put a 99 fuel tank in my 88 mj that has a 93 engine and harness . It seems that the 99s had the wires run through to the computer first , then to the gauges the 93 does not . I am in need to get this wiring resolved asap , if anyone can help It would be greatly appretiated :bowdown:


So here I am stuck waiting to finish my flat deck because of this last little prob , after 8 month project and one of the biggest runs of the year just days away :doh:

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The 99 pump will have 4 wires on it. The heavy orange and black wires are for the pump. The other 2 thinner gauge wires (1 is black w/ green tracer, not sure of the other color, It might be pink) are for the fuel gauge.


The gauge wiring is useless to you. The two years are not compatible to run the gauge correctly.


You need to have someone turn the key on and test the wiring coming out of the truck. There will be between 5-11 volts coming out of one of the wires. It changes from intial pump kick to fuel pressure step down. This will be the hot wire for the pump.


Test the other wires to ground (from frame to wires) using a continuty check, and see which one is the ground. The ground from the thuck will hook into the heavy gauge black ground wire on the pump.


Good luck, but this should get the job done for you.

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