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Hey guys, I just signed up here and this is a great site for tech info and such. I'm currently looking at buying an MJ locally and am trying to find out stuff to look for before I go out and spend my $$$ The truck in question is an 88 Comanche Eliminator, 4.0, 5 speed, 2wd short bed. 123k miles, Georgia truck with no visible rust, Just faded paint. Aluminum wheels and new Goodyear Wranglers. Guy said he only used it to tow 2 vehicles, one of which was from Georgia to here in Va. So what things should I pay more attention to when I go and check it out again.

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id watch out for the tranny on that one. the manual transmissions in the comanches and early cherokees were made by peugot and don't hold up well to every day use never mind towing.


luckily there are some good forums on swapping in the ax-15 tranny which is much better than the peugot and is easily found in the yj and cherokee. not sure what year they started using the ax-15 but I'm sure someone else can tell you on here.


good luck and welcome to the club its a real good source for beginners like you and me. i hope u buy the comanche. i love mine and it doesnt even run.

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So the AX-15 can be used for both 2wd and 4wds? Do I need to find a 2wd one and what years should I be looking for. Also I'm reading that same methods for lifting work for both 2wd and 4wds? This is going to be my daily driver and it looks damn good for an 88 and price is very reasonable I pulled up the edge of the carpet and floorboards look very clean. I'm a body guy by trade so hopefully rust is a minimal and I can get out the dents and paint it

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