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went out atving today


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we got 4 acres of woods with trails cut and some log and rock crawls, but that gets old quick.


at least you have property to go out on, I live in a suburban neighborhood, and the only wheelin we had around here either got developed, or cops come and kick you out, so I havent been wheelin in a while, the closest place we have now is about 45min to an hour away, which is I can't complain since its better than what most people have

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that hillclimb looks sooooo fun!!


here's a link to my other videos.





that hillblimb is beaverdale they hold the AMA pro nationals there i have been going since i was 10 and i have met people from hawaii there that have came to climb in the ama nationals





when my dad climbed it it was 1 straight hill 70* angle


then when i was 15 they put a breaker in 12ft run 50' then 10' breaker then the rest of the hill



now they have 2 breakers which i think is stupid now every atv makes it


when i went there way back int the day you would see quadzillas and250r's come rolling down off that every 5 minutes



here's the huevos 3 vid of beaverdale

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