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does the 2.5L have a PCV or CCV system?

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I just checked all pertinant literature (Haynes 50010, Chilton 7939, Factory M.R.277) That I have. Have determined that 2.5 for years 84-85 was carb. '86 up TBI. Could not find a definate date seperating PCV and CCV. Gonna take a look at the emission sticker and see what it says. In the morn. To cold an dark out now.

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Sounds like we're back to the ol "What did the previous owner" do or is it a Jeep odd ball. I got a '86 2.5, 5speed sitting behind the garage with carb and PCV


What is the 4th character in the VIN? Is it an H or a U? If it's an H it had a 2.5L with TBI originally, if it's a U it had a 2.5L with a carburetor originally. I have never seen a 1986 Comanche with a carbureted 2.5L.

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I have a title for this one so I was able to look it up now. The fourth character from the left is a "W". No further comment from this end. And yes I know what W stands for.


Yeah, if the 4th character in the VIN is a W then that means that it came with a 2.8L V6 originally. Someone must have put a 2.5L with a carburetor in it unless you meant to say it had a 2.8L in it. :hmm:

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