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NOS Bumpers & other stuff..... :(


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Even though others have posted that the factory supply of original bumpers had dried up,

I dug out my parts books yesterday, found a web site that had decent prices for factory parts, and I started searching some of the factory part numbers.



The original rear bumper part number came through as a valid number, current & available,

for $120 each!


I thought about ordering two, but kept my greed in check, and ordered just one.

Filled in my credit card info, and went to sleep with a smile on my face.



That only lasted till I got the E-mail today:

"this part has been discontinued by the manufacturer".






I had hope, because most of the other MJ stuff I tried to look up came through as discontinued, or number not found, so when the bumper # worked, and they let me order it, I thought I was in the clear.





The other bad news is,

a few years ago I had ordered & received a factory MJ rocker panel.

While I was looking that part up, I searched the database for cab corners, roof panel, etc etc,

almost every part came through as valid then, tho I only ordered the single rocker panel I needed.


Welp, that's history now too.


almost NOTHING (except for the bumper) came through as valid this time,

no rockers, cab corners, etc etc.



Guess I should've ordered more stuff a few years back, when I got the rocker, and hoarded it all.

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Yes, I hate to admit it but I too was drawn to a web site that actually listed the part number. Usually when they are obsolete, no part is listed. I was actually nervious when I made the phone call. The guy at the other end of the phone was very helpful, didnt laugh or anything when I told him what I wanted. He looked it up and said "hmm, that part is no longer available". But I didnt give up. Then I asked about the tail lights. Oh well. At least tires are still available.

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Yeah ! I've been trying to get a new E-brake assembly for about six months , guess I'm converting to the console brake . :shake:


need one?


Not anymore , I'm half way through the console conversion now .


Thanks though . :thumbsup:

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