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new timing = no start

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An internal (or "infernal") combustion engine requires three things to operate: air, fuel, and spark. If you didn't take off the head or change out the timing chain, it is probably safe to assume that you're still getting air, so that means you're lacking either fuel or spark. Have you checked to see which?


You dropped the tank to build a flatbad. Where did you ground the fuel pump? Have you confirmed that the fuel pump is running?

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I just clamped a vise grip to the ground and laid ot on the floor for now

:doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: why the ground ( you know like the dirt or floor ) accuallty isent a good ground for your fuel pump when i did this i had my tank held up by two pieces of wood going from one side of the frame to the other and i put the ground on that. IT did not work at all so i just put a self tapper into the frame and away i went good temp fix :clapping:

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Pulling the bed off an MJ almost always = doesn't start (atleast it has for me).


Seems to be that the stock ground connection (black wire to sheetmetal of frame) gets corroded over time, and the only good ground connection left for the rear harness is at the taillights.


You pull the bed (and unplug the taillights) = no fuel pump ground = no start.


Can you hear the fuel pump spin?



FWIW, when I had my interior out, I identified the ground wire in the bundle that runs by the drivers side rocker (inside the Jeep), and made a good ground connection right there.

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