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XJ Bench Seat Action???

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I know the Bench / Bucket topic has been beaten to death here, but I would like to try to put an MJ bench in one of my XJ's .........


The XJ is a 93'


So ..... From what I have read on this site, 89-93' XJ buckets bolt directly on to the MJ Bench seat bracket, Correct?


Also I need to move my parking brake to the foot pedal style, so the bench will fit ....... Does anyone have any info on this swap, or the inverse swap?


Any help would be great. I know people may think its a dumb swap, but I just want to be different.

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My problem is trying to find a good working E-brake assembly . Factory quit making them about four or five years ago .


I can't find a decent working one anywhere . Where as the console E-brake is a dime a dozen and cheap . Dealerships still cary

them new as well .


As far as the conversion , I don't know about that , but you'll probably have to fab. or modify somethimg anyway . :dunno:

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