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8.25 aftermarket / info

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I'm soon to be getting a dirt cheap 29 spline 8.25, and I plan on rebuilding the thing before putting it in anything.


Basically have a few questions..


Carrier break: This axle has 3.55. I would like to go to 4.10. Same carrier, or no?


Axle shafts: I know the factory 29 spline shafts are pretty stout, but I wouldn't mind putting some slightly stronger ones in and using the factory shafts as spares.


Locker: I would really prefer selectable. I like as little automatic-ness in my vehicle, and I would prefer it either locked or not, no maybes.


Any 8.25 experts out there? I know some of you will say just find a D44, and if I come across one before I start buying up parts I'll probably go with that.

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You don't need a new carrier. Not sure about the shafts, I'm sure someone probably has some stronger ones available. As for the locker, nothing but good reviews about ARB. Not sure if I'm going to put one in my 8.25...still undecided myself. Pricey though.

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I built an 8.25 that was in my two XJs. Superior 4.56 gears, No-Slip locker, Superior 29-spline shafts, ZJ disc brakes, BTF cover.


It worked flawlessly. I didn't have to, but I got a D44 cheap and built that up similarly. I very well could've just kept the 8.25.

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Not an expert, but I have a 29 spline 8.25 in my truck, I swapped it into my XJ when I had it too.


I picked up a Powertrax NoSlip for it originally, then grabbed some ZJ disc brakes from a D35 at the junkyard. The brakes swapped right over except for needing to enlarge a couple holes on the caliper brackets. Never had a problem with stock shafts when I had 33's. I upgraded to 35's now, so I grabbed a set of Alloy USA shafts pretty cheap, and my pinion bearing went out, so I switched to an ARB when I got new bearings/gears installed. I have ran Yukon gears, they ended up getting a lot of gear whine after a few years. I just had some Precision gears installed, haven't ran them yet, so no comment.


I do have my old Powertrax No Slip if your interested in it.


There is no carrier break for this axle either, just if you go to 4.56 gears you have to grind off 1/2 of a tooth to install the cross pin in the carrier.

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Thanks for the info guys, I'll have to check out that stuff. jamminz.gif


Good to know there's no carrier break,


Any selectable locker will have/be it's own carrier, so the point is moot.


:doh: I should know that.


I know selectables run higher, I'll check out ARB.

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