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bleeding the clutch

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i am finishing up my ax15 swap in my 88 MJ


bolted up the tranny, then was basically done and realized i needed to add some more clutch juice





bled it how you would bleed a brake system, it feels good, no play, only problem is, is that the clutch pedal is fairly stiff but super springy!


like push it down and the pedal is pushing back hard, feels like a springy feel, when i let it out it pushes back super hard




any ideas? is there a proper way to bleed the system?

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There's a bleeder valve by the slave cylinder by the bell housing.Bleed it the same way you do brakes. Personaly I usually don't bleed the clutch. Keep the master cyl full and it pretty much bleeds its self.



cool, that's what we did




but why would it be so 'springy'

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i just replaced the clutch master cylinder in my 86 mj 2.5l pumped it up a few times and had a buddy hold it to the floor while i opened the bleeder valve and it shouldnt be springy did you use dot 3 brake fluid for you fluid


Your is an external slave. Internals and externals bleed differently.


To the OP: Is yours internal or external?

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Nameless -- Does your MJ have an internal slave cylinder? If so, did you install a new one when you swapped the transmission? If it's a new, internal slave, did you follow the instructions and leave the "zip tie" intact while bleeding?

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