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2.5 question

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O2 sensor, fuel pressure, fuel filter, would all be things to look at. Mine would cut out at times while driving too, but never at idle, turned out to be the O2 sensor, cleared it right up, but change the fuel filter too. I had a Ford F250 once that would cut out like that, it turned out to be a gas tank full of rust that would clog up the inlet screen, and pack the filter full of crud...not as likely here, but still a possibility.

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This morning i replaced 02,fuel filter,and fuel pump. Still have same problem anything else i can check thanks


Does it feel like the truck completely loses power? Like you have your foot on the gas but nothing happens (while its happening)?

I'm having that type of issue and replaced the plugs,wires,fuel filter, cap, rotor with no luck.

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