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So I went to the junkyard today...


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And pulled a D44 out of an XJ jamminz.gif


Out of what must have been looking under hundreds of XJs (including some in parking lots) for one of these, I finally saw and took one for myself, for the rightous price of $150.

I feel pretty accomplished since it was both freezing and snowing while I was lying on the ground at the JY, and all the tools I needed were the ones I left at home.


Its got an open diff and 3.55 gearing


I was just wanting to know if there were any particular brand/type of spring perch that is typically used, and what the spacing is between the perches.


Ill have pics soon

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Awesome :clapping:

But... better today than tomorrow or Friday. Darn :Canadaflag: air coming in to freeze us out, with 30mph winds!!!!!

BTW- How much snow do you have out east?


Make sure it is in good shape before doing any work to it. Pinion bearing and gear wear pattern would be the two most expensive things to get replaced. Don't forget, you will need to get your drive shaft shortened by 1" ;)


My question: Is there any locker than can be installed with the 3.55 gear ratio in the D44? All I have seen require at least 3.92 gears or something. I would like to install a mild locker in the MJ D44 sitting on the garage floor.

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Every locker is available for the 44, no matter the ratio. The carrier break is 3.73 and below and 3.92 and up. So you'll just have to get a locker for 3.73 and below. But the 44 benefits from probably the greatest aftermarket support (Don't quote me on that one).

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