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Camoclad MJ - Experience, Advice, or Pictures?

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We restored a family-owned 1991 XJ for our son a couple of years ago as his first car. A few months ago, he ran across a 1987 MJ, and we bought it to restore as a joint project for the two of us. We are taking it very slow, as he has been accepted at college and starts in the fall. After tuition and room and board, there won't be a lot of money for the MJ!


We've been talking recently about putting the camo wrap product on this over spring break. Camoclad is one of the major manufacturers of this product. Any experience or advice with camo products? Better yet, any pictures?


I know there are many that may not like the idea of this. Be assured it will only be a temporary thing, perhaps until he is out of college in a few years.


I searched on this, but did not find a lot. I've attached a picture of the MJ. Thanks in advance.


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My only experience and probably not what you want to see. I will tell you this-it works well, it was fun, and I like the results. I actually think a truck would be easier. This stuff has been on for 5 years.

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