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New Years Tip

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Have you ever had problems with oxidation on terminal blocks, splices or connection, that may not have total continuity? Maybe to the point of an electrical failure from the oxidation? Which acts like a loose connection? What about intermitted flow of electricity when you knew that you did not have loose connnection anywhere, and the grounds are ground down to bare metal and tight. Try a product called DE-OX by Ilsco, it is an oxide inhibator and it works wonders on ALL of you electrical connection. Even if the oxidation is not visible. This product will solve most of your electrical trouble :brows:

I have used this product for over ten years, and it works great, even on light bulb screw shells, just apply a little on the threads before you install that new lamp. Also on small screws, bolt and nuts that you may want to take appart many years down the road. DE-OX is the other side of ANTI-SEIZE. DE-OX is approved for ALL ALUMINUM and/or COPPER TERMINATIONS. My Moose (MJ) loves this stuff on ALL of his electrical connection, including head lights, push-in bulbs, door switches, splices, terminal blocks which were not working properly before the DE-OX treatment, on my fuses, and fuse block. Screws that I want to take apart in the future needs DE-OX. I Use it around my home, and anything outdoors that is in mositure.

You can purchase DE-OX in 5 oz squeeze bottle from your electrical supply house. This is a non-conductive product. :D

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Don't know, I'am only the Electrician of twenty five years, and not the engineer. Try it out, and let me know what you think. There are other similar products on the market, but they dry out over time and become an insulator, instead of an inhibitor. DE-OX does not dryout, its texture is similar to petroleum jelly . Some things in life do not make sense, but they work well.Try the web-site below. or http://www.Ilsco.com and look-up DE-OX :brows:


https://www.ilsco.com/ProductsDetail.as ... AduPeME%3d

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Was an electronics tech over 50 years and the biggest problem I had was trying to figure out what the engineer had in mind when he designed it.Most of my experience was in R&D. Anyway sounds like good stuff. I would certainly try it before I bad mouthed it.

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