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yet another AX-15 swap question

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I have all the parts for the pukegoat to AX-15 swap except the x-case shifter linkage. Should I just get the whole x-case shifter & linkage from a donor XJ(would it make things any easier?).

Its only going to be a temporary set up so I can move my truck again, the 231/D300 will be going in when my money tree starts growing again.

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in short, yes....


there are a couple linkage parts specific to only the AX15....the bracket that bolts to the tranny tunnel that has the little orbit ball in it, the bracket that installs to the two tranny-to-TC studs, and the rod that connects the trunion to the range selector on the TC.


The in-cab shifter and the trunion don't matter, they are interchangeable between trannies.



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I'm in process of putting my swap together too.


I have the ax-15 bracket that bolts to the trans/transfer case, but I am bolting in a NP242. The rod that came with the 242 that connects to the tcase tab is much longer than the 231. The 231 rod looks like it will work. I have the 242 shifter gate.


Will using the 231 rod work? Thanks

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I will be building a cable setup similar to this:



(*there in no flipkit on this 300, I will be using a flipkit like pictured below)

except I am going the have three levers, one for the range box & one each for front/rear

I want to try and keep everything factory looking on the interior with the levers in the stock location.


D&D sells this shifter set up which is nice but you are limited in options of where the shifters will be.

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