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crossmember difference...ba10/5 to ax15...Jakeman's 4x swap

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This weekend Jakeman is coming up to my place and we're swapping out his crap 2wd ba10/5 for a 4x ax15 I have with np231 and all parts to make it 4wd.



I'm just trying to figure out if there are any differences in either size, style, or location of the ba10/5 to ax15 trans mount and x-member. This is the only problem I forsee with the swap.



lucky for him, I have a d35 (to put in until I have time to get the 8.25 I'm giving him ready) with 3.55 gears to match the front...and conveniently I just did a complete drivetrain swap on my bro's truck with 3.55 gears and metric tonne conversion with d44...so I even have the proper driveshaft for that setup.

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10k for a clutch is brand new. The original clutch in my '88 XJ was replaced at 204,000 miles. The slave cylinder failed, so I replaced everything while the tranny was out -- but the old clutch didn't look any worse than the new one.


AFAIK the cross member is the same.

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Crossmember is not the same. I was just informed of this the other week. They are all the same except for the AX-15. AX-15 has a notch in the middle.



The BA10/AX5/AW4 (same part) crossmember will bolt up just fine, but the transfer case linkage will not line up, and the cat converter/flange will contact the floorboard. The AX15 crossmember has a 1" notch in the center where the tranny mount attaches.......you could probably use the other crossmember with some kind of homebrew TC drop, though, if you didn't have an AX15 one handy.




AX15 crossmember:


Image Not Found

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Do know if this was obvious to you or not, but don't forget that you have to move the crossmember back to the rear set of holes in the body (they are already there). You will need a 10mm x 1.5 tap to thread the holes in the body.


Are you going to an external slave setup?


Try to swap the stupid reverse torx bolts (2) at the top of the bellhousing. Remove the CPS before separating it and reinstall it after you bolt it back to the engine.


The downpipe nuts and bolts can be a b*tch to remove if they are rusty (they usually are so use lots of PB blaster) some heat may help too.

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