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Comanche Build but ran into problems

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Hey all. I recentely bought a "non-running" 4.0, SWB, 4x4, 5 speed, 88 Comanche and I was PROUD! The person I bought it from said it was in need of an engine. I get it home and with-in 2 hours, It was running perfectly. I have since been driving it around as a daily driver. A few weeks ago, I start my small resto project on it. the cab and front clip is rust and dent free. The grill is perfect. the bed only has minimul damage. I picked up a tail light and a new bed light harness. I have fixied a couple of other small problems and still excited about the build. Suspension time. I have started with a 4.5" front lift with some 3/4" spacers, adjustable track bar, fixed LCA's, etc and got all that rapped up. Just yesterday I took the bed off and was going to do a SOA. No problems. Tonight i, for some reason, wanted to do some interior work. I took the crap seat out and pulled the NASTY carpet out and there it was. Drivers side floor has rust. All the way through and not pretty. Passanger side rusted through as well but not as bad. My spirits dropped. I don't know how to fix all of this. Do I wanna fix this? I am stumped. What do i need to do? Part it out and what not and keep my lift for something else, or embark on a rebuild i don't know if i can finish. Please help with opinions, ideas, and etc. Thank you.

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that seems to be a common problem, you will see that a lot on this site. Surf a bit and you will see a few different options of what people did with there floor rust. Some use new sheet metal and others recycled the metal from cherokees. Its a bit of work, but its fixable if theres a will theres a way!!!! ps if you don't have the tools get them you will use them again!

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Yup, the famous "Flintstones brake option". Almost all Comanches (and Cherokees of the same age) have it. Only southern trucks seem to be exceptions.


Easiest way to fix it would be to buy new floorboards, angle grinder with cutting wheel, aviation snips, and optionally a jig saw or sawzall. Cout out all the rust, cut floor and/or floorboards to get the floorboards to fit, and glue them in.


If you have access to a welder and know how to weld, weld them in.


Then use bed liner on both sides of the floor (inside and out) to help prevent it from rusting out again.

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