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Horn problems.

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First, I would like to thank you all for the help everyone has provided to improve our 1987 Comanche Laredo. About two weeks ago my son received a gift from his Aunt and it was in fact said Comanche. We have fixed numerous problems on the Comanche including the Harmonic balancer, replaced main U joints, replaced the radiator, the serpentine belt, transmission lines and numerous other problems. None of this would have been possible without the help of this forum. Now it is time for one of our final problems-- the horn. We know that there is a relay for it but have no idea where or how to fix it. Thanks in advance for all of the help. Any general ideas are much appreciated.

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IIRC, the horn relay is under the dash, near the foot brake. BUT ...


The problem may well not be the relay. My 1988 MJ had no horn when I bought it. That is, it had two horn units mounted in the usual places, but no noises emanating therefrom. After wasting a lot of time tracking down the relay, I found that I had power in, and power out. I then did what I should have done from the start -- check power to the horn. Hmmm ... I HAD power to the horn (when the horn button was pressed, of course).


So I removed one horn, cleaned up the mounting area and the ground (it grounds through the mount), reinstalled, and it worked. And has continued to work for severl years.

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