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Will these fit?

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Hey guys, probably going to pick up 5 wheels and tires off of a Jeep Wrangler. The tire size is 30inch, will these fit on a stock 1988 Jeep Comanche? Its a pretty good deal, tires have a little over 50% tread and I am trading him my sub and amp that I don't ever use anymore, and have been trying to sell for $125 with no success for several months... Just want to make sure that they fit before I go pick them up. I am 99% sure they do, I just wanted to double check

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Yep, they should be fine. 30's are close to P235/75. I'm running P255/70's now and those are about 1.5mm taller than 235's but very wide, and have no problems at all with any rubbage.


I am at stock height in the back...


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well since i had nothing better to do, i measured some of the tires i have laying around. different brands are gonna measure differently. my 30" cooper stt mud tires measure 29" dead nuts mounted and aired up w/ around 70% tread left. i measured a good year 235/75r15 new spare mounted and aired up, and it is 28" dead nuts. asthetically that is a big difference.

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Cooper Discoverer ATR 235/75-15 = 28.9"

Cooper Discoverer ATR 30x9.50-15 = 29.3"


Cooper Discoverer H/T 235/75-15 = 29"


Cooper Discoverer S/T 235/75-15 = 29"

Cooper Discoverer S/T 30x9.50-15 = 29.35"


All specs directly from the Cooper Tire web site.


The bottom line is, we've had multiple threads documenting that 31x10.50s will fit -- on stock Jeep rims. How can there be any question whether 30s will fit?

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