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'89 cheap jeep

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Well, I finally got the time to strip out my mj. Work on it has been slow,but getting there. Plans are to keep it a daily driver pretty much for now. It's an '89 , 2.5 , 4sp. , 2wd , have a doner '93 xj .

Both fenders , hood , pass. door , grill , bumper , all had damage some more than others.

Not to bad on the floor , the floor plug came out when I was wire wheeling the floor.

I'll try to remember to put up pics on the progress. Sometimes I get ahead of myself.

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I didn't get pics up, my bad. I've got a lot done on the MJ this year. My 10 yr. old helped me put the motor , tranny , transfer case , front axle in. He wants to learn about turnin' wrenches. Swapped out the wire harness, hung the fenders , put header panel on and the hood,still need to finish the interior, change the rear end and shorten the driveshaft. It's taking quit a bit of time but getting there, maybe I will be able to drive it this year.I hope!!!

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A few pics of our progress. Had to put it outside so my oldest boy could work on his car.




31's with stock rims and no lift.



Lots more to do , but now it moves under it's own power



Just had to throw this one in My DD and my sisters DD.


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