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High Idle (1500RPM) After Driving on Highway, Renix 4.0

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This one is a bit odd. I finally got the '90 on the road and have noticed an odd quirk that's a bit baffling. When driving around town the truck idles at what I would consider to be a normal 1000RPM or so. It hunts around a bit but by and large idles ok. I'll ride a few miles on the highway at 70mph or so and, upon exiting the freeway, the idle speed sits at 1500 RPM and will do so until I shut the truck off for a few minutes. I cleaned the throttle body out with TB and air intake cleaner, cleaned the Idle Air control valve and even swapped in my spare IAC. Absolutely no change. Any thoughts/suggestions? The '90 is a Renix 4.0, AX-15, 4WD.

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