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Window scrapers or rubbers

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Where can I get the outside rubbers for the Comanche windows ? Mine are brittle and about to go completley. Are new ones available? Thanks Al


Looks like this is your first post here. Not that it matters in this case for your year/model for the window "outside rubbers", as all MJs and 4DR XJs (to 1996 I belive) will work.


Anyhow, welcome aboard, and detail your MJ year/model in your signature; will make it much easier for us to assist you. :cheers:

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they fit ok. They came in a long strip that I trimmed to fit (meaning the edge is no longer "finished"). They were "chromed" and I had to hit them with paint. also, I bought them like 10 years ago so there's no telling if anything has changed with their supplier. :dunno:

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