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XJ AAL in an MJ???

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Alright, this just crossed my mind the other day but I was wondering if say I put a 3" AAL for an XJ in my MJ pack, wouldnt i gain only about 1.5"-2" of lift?....I know how the packs are different and all but i would think an AAL from an XJ would still provide alittle lift on the MJ dependent on amount of advertised lift.


Random question, thanks for any details

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Rancho's AAL supposedly fits both the XJ and MJ and their catalog says (or used to say) it gives 2-1/2" in both. I called and questioned that, and after much checking around the engineer came back and said it's 1" to 1-1/2" in the MJ. So figuring about half as much as in an XJ is probably a good rule of thumb.

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