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went out biking today


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it was awsome we got so stuck before we started filming. i went into a hole and got buried then my friend tried it and got even more buried so lots of fun.

Just to be a nitpick :D


Bike, or BIcycle means two wheels, not 4.


Looks like you had fun, though.

and yea its just what the rednecks like me call an atv

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Interestingly enough, Rednex is from Sweden...

That I did NOT know :rotf: But... not surprising.


My buddies and I used to load up and head to the local ORV park with the ATVs every weekend. Great times. Used to bury those machines up to the snorkel in mud and crud. Sometimes they would float when you jumped off. It is disappointing that I have not ridden my Yamaha Wolverine in 3 years....

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