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Advice on wrecked 96 XJ

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Is this a good deal? It has high miles. I'm looking at putting at least $300 into one of these older Renix 4.0's to get it running with a pukegoat behind it, maybe I should scrap that and go with this HO which most likely has an AX-15? What should I look at on the engine to make sure it isnt damaged?


http://www.ksl.com/index.php?sid=&nid=4 ... ad=1733641


Jeep Cherokee

taylorsville, UT 84118 - Nov 4, 2009


For Sale by Owner

Ad: # 1733641

Contact: Zack

Phone: (801)963-0176

This car was hit in the driver's side front corner and is damaged up to the steering pump. The rest of the car is in good condition. We are asking for $300 and the person who buys it when they strip it of all parts needed can sell the scrap for $200 at a scrap yard. It also has a nice bike rack that would go for $200 itself. All tires are fairly new with 3 months of driving on them and can be salvaged. Engine is in good condition.


Seller Type:For Sale By Owner


Body:Sport Utility





Number of doors:4

Exterior condition:5 Damaged or Not Running

Exterior color:Green

Interior condition:2 Good

Interior color:Charcoal Gray

Type of engine:4.0 I6

Type of fuel:Gasoline

Type of transmission:Manual

Drive Train:4 Wheel Drive

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It does not look too terrible, I have looked a worse.


But I would certainly check the ECU and wiring harness to it since that would be a big part of your project. Plan on replacing the water pump and power steering pump. Inspect anything that may have been jostled by the accident.


At $300, you really can't go wrong.

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Probably a good deal, but figure on needing an ECU. It's mounted on the inside of the driver's side front fender, near the air box. Sounds like that's the corner that got hit, so I'd bet the ECU is history. The tranny will be an AX-15, though. Rear axle could be either a D35 or an 8.25 -- depends on whether or not it had ABS.

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