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Hey all new to this forum Great site!! Quick Question. I just got ahold of a 86 off of ebay drove over 300 miles to trailer it back home. Sounds crazy right? I hoped to find some on here that might not think so just to get my wife off my case. Any way it has a locked up 2.8 chevy motor in it. wondering what some of you might of done in the past seeing how it's a rare breed and not alot of engine swoping options. I bought this truck as a progect for my Son and I to start on (He is 10) so maybe I'll have it done in time. any way looking for a running 2.8 for now as I'm thinking of puting a stroker 3.4 togeather for it. This truck is unreal it has never been painted all origanal No rust just some dents and the locked up motor. This truck set in a warehouse for over 10 yrs. I'm pumped Its not my first comanche had an 86 2.8 auto (PIG) 4" rancho lift 31 10.5 loved the truck sold it 18yrs ago to get the down payment on our house. So now it's time to play again.. Hope to get some pics soon Thanks Bill..

NE Ohio Salt capitol of the world

86 comanche orig. stock!!

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Welcome to the group!


My recommendation, as well as others I am sure, will be to not even bother putting a 2.8L back in. Go right for the 3.4L swap. Its a direct bolt in from a carburetor car, and will fit the bill nicely in simplicity, and gain in power over the 2.8L... But it sounds like you have some time, might as well pick up a donor Cherokee, and put in a 4.0L drive train.


Rob L. :thumbsup:

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Thanks I'm in North East Ohio Portage co. Less then a hour drive to the salt mines :fs1:


here's my truck just got home after 6 hr drive pead and snapped the picture before the sun set. Shes going in the garage tomorrow better pics soon.. :cheers:



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