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No dash lights/tail lights

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So I'm driving to work at 5:30 in the morning and suddenly the instrument lights on the dash quit working. The little light that lights the transfer case position is also not working.


Look behind the truck and the tail lights are also not working. In front marker lights are not working. Brake lights and turn signals OK. Checked the fuzes and they are blown. Replace the #10 Tail/marker light fuze, turn on the lights and get the tail lights back. Replace the #5 instrument light fuze and it immediately blows.


Any ideas what might be blowing the fuzes?

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Since you have a manual tranny, look to see if the master cylinder is leaking down on the fuse panel.




And if that's happening, oh dang. Golly-gee that can be such a pain to have to clean, or worse replace. Not a fun job.

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