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MJ Speaker Connector Wiring Question

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why are you reusing the connector that was attached to the speaker? most aftermarket speakers come with pig tails to connect to the speakers.

That is the end if the connector that leads to the stock speaker. If there was an aftermarket adapter that connected to the factory wiring in the door, it would look like that. Since there is not one (a harness), I am making one so that I don't have to cut off the factory connector.


That plastic piece there will be connected to a red and black wire that will be connected to the speaker.


Make sense? This is the "right" way to do it.

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He is basically making a pig tail so he can use the factory wiring harness connector instead of hacking it off to splice in his speakers. I've done the same thing so I can change speakers without having to splice the harness over and over.


Here's the wiring pin out


front left door

green +

black w/ tracer -


left rear

green w/ white tracer +

black w/ yellow tracer -


front right door

green +

black -


right rear

white +

brown -



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whenever I install speakers without adapter harness I just use the leads that come with the aftermarket speakers and cut the insulation of of the wire behind the factory connector and solder and tape the leads on there. that way if you go back to the factory speakers they are right there and you can just plug it in. they do make adapters for this application also

Metra product part number 72-1002

as for the positive and negative, the best answer I could give would be to plug it into the factory wiring and get the color codes. or you could pop the speaker with a 9 volt battery (speaker disconnected) if the cone moves out when you touch the leads to the battery then the positive and negative are correct. if the cone sucks itself in then the positive and negative are backward.

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