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Coil Springs????

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Ive been thinking abut getting some new coils for my MJ, and Rustys Offroad has some 2' and 3' ones.


Could i put 3" coils on my truck without any other major modifications, or would it be to much?


Also they have HD ones rated at 180lbs, and regulars rated at 150lbs, I do plan on adding a winch and bumper eventually so should i go for the Hd's?


Quick help woul dbe appreciated, i need to get my front tires from rubbing asap!!!

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Since I'm rather broke this is coming in small stages, front coils (so my tires stop rubbing). then back whenever i can get some cash together.


Maybe a 4.5 spring pack for the rear. I don't know yet havent thought about it too much.


Shocks were coming asap as well, they maybe originals on there now and they arent shocks anymore. haha

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Let's start at the beginning. You want to stop your tires from rubbing. You are running 31s. Many people run 31s with NO lift and rubbing isn't a problem. So:


1. What rims are you running, and what is the backspacing?


2. Where are the tires rubbing?


3. Under what conditions are the tires rubbing?

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I had 31s with stock suspension and it didnt rub very bad but i have the 2.5L so alot less weight up front.


my XJ has 31s on it. I was in the same boat as you, so temporarally i did 2" spacers in the front and minor trimming. glancing at it you can't really tell its been trimmed, the 31s fit great even with my very wide offset wheels. It flexes pretty good like that too

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