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My 87 MJ - a work in progress....

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First Post...


At the urging of a few members from this site, I decided to join up and post some pics of my MJ. I will also be using this thread to chronicle the build up as well. With funds being limited, it will probably take me long time to get it where it needs to be though, so bare with me.


This is my 87 MJ:


I really don't know a whole lot about Jeeps as this is my first one, but I do know it has a 4.0 engine, 5 spd manual trans and a Dana 44. Not sure what the front is though.


Front Dif:



As you can tell, I have a pretty significant oil leak going on. I plan on rebuilding/replacing the engine soon though.


I plan on doing a lot of reading on this site, as well as others, so I can learn a lot more about the truck. My father gave it to me when the transmission went out on my 01 Ram and told me to do what ever I wanted with it. Little does he know what my plans are..LOL


I plan on designing a 4 link front and rear suspension that will allow for 35" tires. I am not a crawler, but I do like to go off road, so my plan is to set it up for the mud and trails.


Any one know where I can get a center console to fit the manual trans and 4x4 shift lever?


Thanks for viewing and please teach me as much as you can. This is a great site from what I have seen so far.

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You can grab a center console out of any 84-96 XJ or 86-92 MJ. There's no difference between manual or automatic, 2wd or 4wd. The 2wd consoles just have a little coin holder that pops out and the 4wd shifter bezel will go into. Manuals just have the shift boot, and autos will have the plate with P R N D 3 1-2

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the front dif would be a dana 30, and yeah id say it leaks preatty good


I think it was coming from the air box originally. I found a lot of oil trapped in there. I have read where this has been a problem for others as well



Is she a Metric Ton? How many leaf springs does it have?


I am not sure but I will take a look in a few minutes


OK - took a look. It is a 4 spring pack.


Thats not a leak. It's just sweats when you haul heavy loads. :smart:


I figured she was just marking her territory...


Were you looking for the large console for bucket seats, or the small console for a bench seat?


Bench seat console. I wish I could find bucket seats for it though.


As far as the oil leak goes, I also know that there is a bad ring on the number 2 piston. This could be part of the problem as well. I kept fouling the plugs so I just installed one of those anti-foul deals for now. When I have the money, I plan on finding another Jeep with the inline 6 in it and swapping them out and then rebuilding this one.

I am using the truck as an every day driver for the time being, but when I get my Dodge fixed, I plan on using it as my weekend get away toy...

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Bad News for the Jeep...it has to take a back seat for a little while.


I will still have to work out the mechanical issues with it (the leak), but the rest will be on hold.


I blew the engine in my 01 Dodge Ram 1500 this weekend. Seeing as how I am still making payments on it, it will have to come first. I am expecting to spend about $2000 just to get it back right.


Any one have a spare 5.2L or 5.9L in their back pocket?!?!?!

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