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Speedo seems way off

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Alright, so here's the deal. I had a suspicion that my speedo was off, so today I decided to do laps around the local college campus where they have a ton of those YOUR SPEED IS signs. So I hit a bunch of the signs and they all read pretty much the same thing. I got these results







So it seems like my speedo is reading about 25% over the speed that I'm going. Seems like everything is original on my truck, and seeing that it only has 56K miles(or possibly 44800?) I kinda believe that everything actually is original. I got a ton of receipts from the previous owner for work he had done(and he's had the truck since 12k miles) and they're pretty much all for oil changes and tune-ups. No major work. Any suggestions?

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I'm running stock size kankooks on the stock rims. No mods whatsoever. And if you were running bigger tires then your speedo would be reading lower than what you're actually doing, and 235s instead of 215s would only cause about a 5-10% discrepancy.

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I think he's referring to his 91. It could be a dying sender, or a frayed wire losing power on its way to the speedo.


Yep, the 91 has this problem. The 86 has bigger stuff to fix. I'll grab another sender from the JY and trace the wire and see what happens. Thanks

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First thing I'd do is make sure your speedo gear on your TC is set correctly. There are different settings on it based on how many teeth your speedo gear has. You can "index" it by turning it to the correct location based on the teeth you have. Their are numbers on the side of it.



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