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3.07 D44 v 3.55 Chry 8.25

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My MJ currently has the 3.07 D44 to go with my 5 speed.

i have a 98 XJ with the 8.25/AW4 that i expect has 3.55 gears.


The 98 XJ needs an engine so I'm contemplating my options....


Just kind of curious if you guys would swap the front/rear ends to get the lower gears in your MJ?


is it a lot of work or is it mostly a direct swap except for the perches in the rear?

Are there driveshaft length considerations as well?


Another question, if i do the swap, could i do spring over in the rear (~5 inches) with the XJ shackle (-1) to give 4 inches, then do 3 inch springs in the front (I like a little rake).


my end goal for the MJ would be to some day have a 3-4 inch lift with 31 inch tires. I don't really wheel, just beat around in the woods and would like the look.




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If you had the Dana 35 I'd swap, but since you already have a 44 I would just re-gear. Seems like a lot of work to move from 3.07's to 3.55's. 31's would work "ok" with 3.55's but I'd recommend 3.73's. My 8.25 had 3.07s and a 5spd trans. When I put my 3.5" lift on with 31's, I upgraded to 3.73's. I only do light offroad but if I did more serious stuff, or had an earlier non-HO 4.0, I'd go with 4.10's.


This is just me though. :D

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yeah, I'm unlikely to re-gear. The 3.07 does pretty well for what i need I was just thinking the 3.55 would be better, especially if I ever go to 31 inch tires.


Is it a simple pretty much bolt on swap? I know my 88 has the vacuum disconnect stuff and the 98 doesn't but is it pretty much a bolt on? I know I'll have to weld on the perches, anything else? Any drive shaft considerations?

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