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BA10/5 to AX15?

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Looked at tech sec. here and have gotten alot of good info. My question is: The 88 mj has a vacum activated 4 wheel drive axle and t-case. My 96 xj doner is not. Am I going to need to swap out front axle, or is there a trick I don't know. Also what year cj pilot bushing will I need? The help is really appreciated, thanks. L-man

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When I had this swap done back in the spring, I used a Pilot bearing from the 4wd hardware kit. It was a roller bearing at that. IF you are doing the exteranal slave swap, I either recommend using Your stock MC and a Advance Adapters line kit and an external slave for the yr trans you have, or buy the kit that comes with the master and slave, and line. Keep in mind the 96 master throw rod will have to be drilled out.

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