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'91 Pioneer Build

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Bought this sexy beast for 200$, drove it 30 miles home. 2wd, 4.0, 5-speed.

Replaced powersteering hose, valve cover gasket, gave it a tune up and brakes. Put almost 2k on it since and not a single problem yet, even with 285k on the odometer.


Here she is halfway through her new coat of paint.



And my new (UPS man jsut dropped off today) rims. tmrw will be wrapped with some new stickys hopefully.


Wanting to build it up for some weekend wheeling, and daily driving.

Want to get a lift on it, asap.

IDeas and suggestions are appreciated.


4wd conversion in store when my broke @$$ gets through at least my first year of college. Until then its my 2wd four wheeler.


I saw some 3" lift coils for Xjs of the same year, would they fit on my MJ with little to no modification?


First attempt at building a MJ so some things will be trial and error hopefully you guys can smooth that road a little, ha

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I was wondering about that thanks for the info "Mini Beast".


Off now to get my new tires and rims put on, PICS later tonight!


The tire placee wanted to charge me 50$ to have my front tires mounted on my new rims, so ill just do it tmrw at wrk (jeep Dealership).


here's a pic with the backs on. : D

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Ive been thinking abut getting some new coils for my MJ, and Rustys Offroad has some 2' and 3' ones.


Could i put 3" coils on my truck without any other major modifications, or would it be to much?


Also they have HD ones rated at 180lbs, and regulars rated at 150lbs, I do plan on adding a winch and bumper eventually so should i go for the Hd's?


Quick help woul dbe appreciated, i need to get my front tires from rubbing asap!!!

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Ive seen it, Goodluck with it btw. And fixing rust is deffinately on the agenda but with having to pay for college right now

the MJ has hit tha back burner. On xmas break I'm pullin the bed tho painting the frame por15 and underside of bed, prolly

work on that bed rust as well.

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