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2wd to 4wd conversion

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i've just picked up a 88 MJ its 2wd with the 2.5l and ax5, i'd like to make it 4wd,


What Gear box or auto Trans and Transfer case can i bolt to this motor to get 4x4?


Can i bolt one of my 231 transfer cases to my 2wd ax5 gear box?


i've searched i bit, but not sure i'm wording it correct


i want to keep the 2.5 for now



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Best thing to do is find an XJ/MJ donor, to just pull parts off of... Look for something with the AX4/5 and the NP231. You can bolt up a t-case to your trans, but not without pulling it apart, changing the output shaft, and tailhousing. Might as well get a 4wd trans. You'll want to find a 4x4 XJ/MJ front axle out of a 4wd 2.5L also, as you have the lesser common 4.10 gear in back... Most likely... Jeep stuff is NEVER set in stone.


Rob L.

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