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Kansas Girl Kidnapped/ Murdered


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This one kind hit me hard, Not only had I drove through the area of were she was kidnapped on the day she was kidnapped, they found her body not very far from were i grew up and lived for 12 years, and we are the same age.

This Kinda stuff sickens me! :fs1: It makes me wanna go down to the jail and do to those 3 guys what they did to her! :mad: :fs1:

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Sucks. :(


I didn't click the link (I rather not read the details :fs1: )


Destroying a life like this, and the lives of an entire family is the ultimate selfish act.


These kind of predators need to be removed from the planet though any means necessary.

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There were no details, which is a good thing. It means the DA prefers to try the case in court rather than through the media, which is the way it should be. That also probably means he feels he has a very solid case.


One of the alleged killers is the girl's ex-boyfriend. Talk about "With friends like that, who needs enemies?" The world today is such a sick place, it isn't even safe for teenagers to date any more. Back when I was that age, the only thing parents had to worry about was that some stud might get their l'il darlin' knocked up. Today, parents have to worry about date rape, drugs, gang rape, "good" old fashioned RAPE rape ... and now ex-boyfriends being so hinky about breaking up that they'll kidnap and kill the girl.



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