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Will these fit my 86 Mj?

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I don't have a lift but will they help or hinder?

Help or hinder what? They are short add-a-leaves that lift an XJ 3 inches. In an MJ they'll probably lift about 1-1/2" and make the ride very stiff. Is that a help or a hindrance?


What are you hoping to accomplish? Do you want lift, more load capacity, or both?

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I don't like the short add a leaf set-ups. As advised they will make the pack very stiff and in the long run, have adverse effects on it.


Better bet is a LONG add-a-leaf OR better still is add a full/main leaf (eyes cut off) from another MJ, JX or Ranger as Pete has suggested for some time. the overall lift will likely be less. But the payload of that pack will be better, sag will be reduced and your truch will NOT drive like a tank.



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I run an Air Lift kit and I'm very happy with it. It will lift the sagging rear suspension back to it's original height but as with add a leaf it make the ride very choppy with no load on. I carry a 1400lb camper on my MJ and the air bags stop it bottoming out over even very rough terrain.


Here is the MJ kit, it cost me a round $200 CA part number 59503


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