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transmission rebuild

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I think we're missing a big point here.


... I didn't see him mention AW4 or Puegoet BA 10/5. $800 would be a good price, if the building company did a good job and didn't mess anything up. I've also heard about common problems with rebuilt AW4s.


If it's the Puegoet. Definitely not. It's not worth $80 rebuilt. If you've got the 5 speed, spend your money on an AX-15. I've seen rebuilt AX-15's go for between $450 and $600.

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I think $800 would be a good price if it was done right. The real trick to getting a quality rebuilt transmission is to find one of those grizzly "old guys" that have their shop out in the country somewhere. :D One guy nearby does great work and rebuilds nothing but jeep transmissions and axles.

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does that include r&r? or is it just the price to have the transmission rebuilt? i just paid a little over double that about 6 months ago having the 4L60E in my chevy 1/2 ton rebuilt, that was with r&r and and a surprise $250 charge for a new front driveshaft cause the slip yoke was seized...

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