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Opinions on price?

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Someone local is parting out a '95 V8 ZJ. He says I can take the coil springs for $25, front suspensions pieces for $25 (for everything, but mainly I want the swaybar and will grab anything that swaps), and the steering box for $50. So for $100 I can pretty much take all I need. I have to go yank them myself, but do these seem like fair prices or would I save a bunch of bucks at the junkyard? I've read the steering boxes are getting hard to come by, but I'm not sure I want it $50 bad.

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Sounds pretty fair. I try to compare prices to what my local u-pull would charge... ($125 for a complete 4x4 front axle) and of course only buy from someone who is selling for less.


I am goin to acquire a Dana 30 complete from a guy off of craigslist for $50 including springs, rotors etc, only it has one bent knuckle... I got my MJ from CL jamminz.gif

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While we're on steering boxes........I remember that the TJ guys were big on swapping the dodge durango steering boxes into their wranglers and some of the XJ guys were swapping them into the XJ's with little modification. Will one drop into a 1986 Comanche?


The piston bore is a larger diameter on the Durango boxes, so it needs to be shimmed out about 1/4" shims or so between the frame and steering box body for clearance. Plus the stock steering ratio of the Durango boxes is a higher ratio than the stock MJ/XJ box ratio. Rugged steering box though.

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