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Steering column swap

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well started swapping it in last night. seems to wire up correctly. all plugs are the same. The MJ does not have CC and the donor does. The wiring still looks the same. the issue now is it seems to ba about an inch shorter. the brackets all bolt up right but the slave which goes from firewall to steering box will not reach. lacks about 1". i wired it all up but no change really. still no blinkers, horn sometimes, no brake lights but does start. HUMMMMMM. Oh yeah, the reason of this thread was the multi switch was all busted up. They said that was the reason why i didnt have brake lights, blinkers, hazzards, horn, high/low beam switch, or wipers. still at ground zero!

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ok. in tracing down the brake and blinker problem, I found that someone half way tried to install a trailer light plug. All the wires and lamp plugs was taped, broken, burnt, corroded, and nasty in several places :mad: . Will the xj harness form the 92 work as a donor? Come on guys help me out, yall been at this a lot longer than I (about 2 weeks) :waving: :help: :help:

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