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OK so last week i was hooking up my amplifier in my 1989 pioneer 2 wd 4.0 five speed and in my haste to hear my subs i didnt take the fuse out of my power wire well i grounded it out on my amp...fried the amp and my something in my truck...it will start and run for 1 to 2 seconds and dies i have fuel to the fuel rail so my pump seems to be working....it will run fine on carb cleaner so its not anything with iginition....i have a extra computer so i put that in there and still no change....Is there a ecm fuse on the 4.0 or does anyone have any ideas on what could be goin on...please help!

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is that the ceramic thing on the drivers side of engine compartment and how would u test it


Yes it is.


There's two ways to test it. Pull the wires off and jump them together to bypass it, just get a small length of wire and two blade connectors, or replace it with a known good one.

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On the right shock tower, front to rear, Fuel pump relay, O2 sensor preheat, B+ latch relay, and if you have AC, the 4th relay will be for the AC pump.


maybe some of the Renix gurus will jump in.


No guru here, still learning the Renix system :wall:

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