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Tilt "smokers" window swap side to side?

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I haven't installed the doors yet, so I forgot that they do flip out that far. So that might just work. I need them to act as air scoops for when we are racing - it gets awfully hot in that thing with the windows rolled up.


Do you have a rear sliding window? That would greatly improve airflow if not already installed. Also, you could get some of those do it yourself sunroof's, and install them backwards to work like an air grabber. Don't forget that you might also be able to put some sort of vent in by the kickpanel to let some fresh air in by your feet. But you are going to have to cut sheetmetal.


Rob L.

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Ya know..........with your "new" rear window, a sliding section could be added :brows:


There's no way the wing vents could be reversed, the "bow" of the frame is side set, and the main glass would not work in the track.


If you ever get a chance, with the fan on high, set on vent, and a sliding rear window, the air really flows thru the cab with the windows rolled up :yes:

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