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Help! driveline issues

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I have an 89 MJ 4x4 (converted) AX-15. My truck is stuck in all gears, will not move when it is in gear and clutch pedal down. however it will start and rev, but won't move when the pedal is released (stalls). I had replaced the clutch master cylinder today and bled it, but since the truck will start and the clutch does engage i do not think that is the problem.


If the truck is pushed backwards i am able to pull the trans into neutral, but makes a clunking and shuddering when coasting...




I'm wondering if my t case died :hmm: :hmm: :hmm: :grrrr:

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I had that problem happen with an AX-5 right after I had put it in the truck. (used to be an AX-4, I added the 5th gear, so everything hadn't quite been lubed up yet)


The shifter for 5th/rev somehow got stuck in 5th. I was able to put it in 3rd, move the shifter over halfway towards 5th, then pull it back and get both sliders back into neutral. This is something you could not possibly think to do unless you've had one of these transmissions apart.


Take the shifter off, and take a look inside. There will be an oddly shaped piece that the shifter sat on, and that has an arm that goes down to the three sliders. Get a flashlight, and look down at the sliders, see if they're all lined up.


It's pretty hard to get a transmission stuck in two gears at once. They have a complicated internal spring system that's supposed to prevent it, but it's possible.



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I am using a flat bed trailer, with a lot of force I can get the shifter into the neutral position. I believe now that the transmission is stuck into one gear (probably fourth) And if i shift it into another gear then it totally locks up. I did manage to drive the thing downhill, but it stalled going back up... Anyway if it comes to it ill have to pull the driveshaft to get it onto the trailer

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If the trans is stuck in forth, you wouldn't be able to move the shift left and right unless you put it into R or 2nd, which would cause it to be stuck in 2 gears.


Can you move the shifter around properly? If that's the case, and it's still stuck in gear, then something inside the transmission broke and it'll need to be opened up.


Where are you located? If you're nearby I'd be more that willing to help you yank the trans and open her up.

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Hey I really appreciate that, but I got her going... after spending several hours and about $100 bucks getting her towed I figured out the trans was stuck in fifth, and played with the shifter until i pulled it out of fifth... Took me all of about 5 minutes, I'm not sure whether I'm more happy or more pissed... But yeah at the time I could put the shifter into 1-2-3-4 all of which it would lock up, but if i had the shifter in the neutral position and let off the clutch it would try to move (then stall), I couldnt get the shifter to fifth or reverse. Kinda interesting but I'm not arguing.


Thanks guys for the info and the offer, I probably would have torn everything down and screwed myself if it werent fot this


I live out in the Kansas City Kansas area

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