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Head bolts

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I'm replacing the head gasket on my '01 XJ and I opted to get new head bolts, however, the field service manual does not say it is necessary unless the bolts have already been used once before. If they have been removed before, the mechanic should have painted the tops of the head bolts white to indicate they were reused - but that doesn't mean he/she DID.

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X2 on the single reuse


The bolts are called torque-to-yeild (TTY) and can be reused one time (and should be marked if so). But, if in doubt, I'd replace them. Be warned, they are not cheap.......about $8 EACH from the dealer.


Don't forget to add sealant to the threads on #11 as it passes thru the water jacket.



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I would defiantly use new ones. On a previous vehicle I broke one getting it out, I was poor at the time so I bought one to replace it. On the install I broke another, had to pull the head back off and then decided to purchase a complete new set. Luckily they broke above the block so a pair of vise grips got them out.

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