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a/c idler pulley source?

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I've read your post over and over again and still can't figure out what you're asking. One second you're talking about the A/C idler pulley. And then you mention a dust cover/hub. :???: :???:


Are you talking about an A/C delete pulley and bracket? If so, I have one for a Renix sitting in my garage.

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had the same issue. used a washer behind the univesal they sold me while i waited for the dealer unit, which was special order(to ak anyway)


the universal was plastic, the dealer one was steel, and now i have a backup


didnt have any problems with the belt lining up, don't remember what size washer i used


i got an open box at schmucks and thaught it was spose to come with said washer

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I thought about a washer but didn't like the looks of how little of the hub would be supporting the bearing.


Looks like I'll try the stealership next.


Tried all 3 of the local parts places (Napa, CQ, Autozone) and they all tried to sell me the same plastic part.

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I had the same problem, twice (once each in MJ and XJ), and solved it by reusing the old pulley, and just replacing the bearing. It presses in and out quite easily, and is available from Tractor Supply (TSC) for less than $7. IIRC, the part number is 6305, but be warned there are two different bearings with that number. Both are the same thickness and outside diameter, but one has a 17mm (not quite 11/16, a bit bigger than 5/8) hole, and one has a 5/8. TSC sells both, make sure you get the right one. I'm pretty sure both my vehicles used the 17mm, but someone else on here is sure he needed 5/8.

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