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Difficulty getting grease gun on 4x4 front u-joint?

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I guess I'll assume the grease gun fitting I have is too big, but with the right angle, I've always gotten it on every u-joint zerk fitting I've had. Until now. I can't get it on the front u-joint fitting without it being at an angle. Is this a common problem for that spot, or maybe I have an aftermarket/replacement part on there that is making it a pain?


When I was a kid, my uncle told me "pump grease till it farts." That was for the suspension points. For u-joints and the fitting on the "sleeve" of the front driveshaft, what is the best way to tell I've pumped enough grease in? If grease starts squirting out of one end of the u-joint, but not the other, keep pumping till grease comes out all around? Thanks for any tips.

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ya, aftermarket greasabel u joints are a pain in the front d shaft. the ones by the t case are not accessible in my xj, wish i never put them in but had no time to wait and track down non greasable. i remove the front shaft 2 times a year to grease it, thats about all you need to do.


you don't really want to pump grease into u joints till it comes out, 1 to 3 spuirts is all you need.

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